Press Release CONPA

De-escalating the confrontation is urgent not only for the country in abstract terms and for the hope of all Colombians, but in particular for the millions of Colombians like us, who have suffered and continue to suffer the many effects of war and confrontation; from our children being recruited by legal and illegal armed groups, forced internal displacement, aerial fumigations, and our rivers, estuaries and mangroves being contaminated by oil spills, as it recently occurred in Tumaco, to the huge tragedies like the ones in Machuca, Bojayá, Naya, and Montes de Maria. De-escalating the conflict must also involve reducing the military occupation of our collective, ancestral and urban territories, with all the implications this has on our communities’ territories, the pressure on natural resources, and the empowerment our communities, organizations, and leaders. Therefore, we demand that the parties establish a humanitarian commitment to respect the rights of Afro-Colombian people. Press Release CONPA

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